Joged Bumbung : A Dance for Joyful Ocassion


In Bali, joyful atmosphere in a ceremony is often be built by a joged Bumbung (joged bungbung). The name joged bungbung is derived from the word joged that means dance joged bungbung dancer is also called joged and the word bungbung refers to a length of hollow bamboo. Joged Bumbung is usually staged in the evening at hamlet meeting hall or on a wide open space. The joged bungbung is always performed in a paid troupe. The five or six young female dancers (joged) dance at one time, each for perhaps 20 minutes. Costumes vary, but they almost feature a mass of fresh flowers tied in the hair.

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Sanghyang Jaran Dance


Sanghyang Jaran is a kind of trance dance in which the entranced dancers imitate the the movement of soldier on horseback. It is said that in Sanghyang Jaran dance, the dancers are possessed by ancestral deity, a Gandarwa (celestial soldier) on horseback. The dancers for this sacred dance are usually the Pemangku (temple priest) or a group of chosen men, that are put into trance with wafted of incense and chorus of Sanghyang song. In the state of trance the dancer fall, convulsed to the ground and rush to grab hobby horses. During the pre-trance chanting, coconut shells have been lit, leaving red hot coals.

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Tipat Bantal War at Kapal Village


Monday, October 5, 2009, the inhabitants of Kapal village held The Aci Rah Pengangon ritual, known by local people as Perang Tipat‐Bantal or The Tipat Bantal War. This ritual is preceded with collective praying by the participants of this ritual at the inner courtyard of Kapal Villages Pura Desa (Village Temple).

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