Bromo’s Sunrise

Sunrise at Bromo

Sunrise at Bromo Before we get to Bromo’s stunning sunrise, it is better to get a glimpse on Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is only 2392 m high but the beauty of Bromo does not rest oh his height but rather on the surrounding of this active volcano. With the other two mountains (Mount Kursi and Mount Batok), Bromo emerges from 10-km-wide crater; these three mountains stand on the sea of sand, surrounded by the crater’s wall and overshadowed by Java’s highest mountain, Semeru.


It is better to visit Bromo in dry season, from April to October but the best time is on May and June when the savanna around the base of Bromo is on its best. Bromo can be reached via Probolinggo from the northeast, Wonokitri from the northwest, and Ngadas from the southeast. But the easiest way to reach Bromo is via Probolinggo and end up at Cemoro Lawang on the northeast side of the crater. There are many tourist accommodations and facilities at Cemoro Lawang. To get the postcard picture of Bromo’s sunrise you have to take the shot from Penanjakan view point, you can rent a jeep from Cemoro Lawang to take you to Penanjakan via the Sea of Sand. The trip usually starts before 4 AM and takes around 45 to 60 minutes to arrive at Penanjakan.

Mount Bromo

In order to get the best picture of Bromo’s sunrise at Penanjakan, you should ignore the specially designed view point stage which is crowded by the visitor, take a hike down the south side of the view point stage, the path is quite steep so be careful. After descending for a couple of minutes you will find a clearance with a good angle to capture the Bromo’s sunrise and of course there won’t be many people there to compete you for the best angle.

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