Tamu Kami Hotel

Sanur Hotel Tamu Kami Hotel

Tamukami Boutique Hotel, as its name suggest, which means “our guests” in English, offers a friendly and relax atmosphere that will make you feel like home right at the very moment you enter Tamukami Boutique Hotel. Situated on the premium location at Sanur area, Tamukami Boutique Hotel can be easily reached from airport or Sanur beach.

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Bromo’s Sunrise

Sunrise at Bromo

Sunrise at Bromo Before we get to Bromo’s stunning sunrise, it is better to get a glimpse on Mount Bromo. Mount Bromo is only 2392 m high but the beauty of Bromo does not rest oh his height but rather on the surrounding of this active volcano. With the other two mountains (Mount Kursi and Mount Batok), Bromo emerges from 10-km-wide crater; these three mountains stand on the sea of sand, surrounded by the crater’s wall and overshadowed by Java’s highest mountain, Semeru.
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Joged Bumbung : A Dance for Joyful Ocassion


In Bali, joyful atmosphere in a ceremony is often be built by a joged Bumbung (joged bungbung). The name joged bungbung is derived from the word joged that means dance joged bungbung dancer is also called joged and the word bungbung refers to a length of hollow bamboo. Joged Bumbung is usually staged in the evening at hamlet meeting hall or on a wide open space. The joged bungbung is always performed in a paid troupe. The five or six young female dancers (joged) dance at one time, each for perhaps 20 minutes. Costumes vary, but they almost feature a mass of fresh flowers tied in the hair.

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