Tenganan’s Ferris Wheel

Annual Usaba Sambah Festival (a grand festival which is held in the fifth month of Tenganan’s traditional calendar) in Tenganan Pangrisingan village is not just offers the well-known adrenaline-rising ritual such as makare-karean (a duel using thorny pandanus leaves as weapons) but also a joyful ritual such as the “maayunan or ayunan” (swinging on ferris wheel) ritual.


The meayunan ritual is usually held annually as one of main rituals during the Usaba Sambah Festival. The Maayunan ritual is usually held on the 21st day of Usaba Sambah Festival that is usually last for 30 days. The ferris wheels that are used in this ritual are made completely of wood; these gigantic ferris wheels only erected during the Usaba Sambah Festival and after the festival is over they are dismantled and kept in the meeting hall.

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Game of Thief: Maling-Malingan

Each culture that flourish around the globe has its own way in dealing with thief, some cultures use harsh punishment, other use social sanction such as excommunication but the inhabitants of Tenganan village in Bali has a kind of ritual in dealing with thief, it is called Maling-malingan or “game of thief” (the word “maling” in Balinese language means “thief”).


Maling-malingan ritual is held once a year, in accordance with Usaba Sambah (the biggest series of ceremonies which is held in fifth month of Tenganan’s traditional calendar). The ritual is held around 9 AM, only Tenganan’s boys and men are participate in this ritual.

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Mekare kare, Tenganan Village

Symbolic Mekare kare (duel between two young men, who is respective armed with two pieces of thorny pandanous leaves on the right hand and an armour made of plaited rattan on the left), held at South Block (Patemu Kelod), at 04.00 pm. while swinging rituals on the ancient swing attended by maidens and little girls in their finest traditional dress at 06.00 pm and ended with prayer at Pura Banjar.


Mekare kare as main rituals, is a warrior dance involving participants (couple of young men) who are completed respectively with pieces of thorny pandanous leaves as their arms on the right hand and an armour made of pleated rattan on the left. The event is preceded by rituals held at some temples attended by only maidens at 07.00 am. and ended up with prayer at Pura Banjar at 06.00 pm.

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